19th Century Bottle Diggers
         It's all about the history

               19th Century Bottle Diggers

                                                                  I'TS ALL ABOUT THE HISTORY

 Digging up the past in the form of old bottles is a undeniable thrill. It has been something I

have done since I was 15 years old. This hobby is not about the money to me it is about the history and the excitement of digging up cool artifacts from the past. If you happen to experience it in your life, you will never forget it.

Enjoy my pages, my digging  stories, and my slide show . Thanks and please sign my guest book.  :-)


  • Fall blend tall boy Seitz & Bros
    Fall blend tall boy Seitz & Bros
  • Summer tree flak 1840s
    Summer tree flak 1840s
  • Dr Moore's venereal antiseptic
    Dr Moore's venereal antiseptic
  • Wistar pine tar cordial (The wall dump find)
    Wistar pine tar cordial (The wall dump find)

                                                       Rare Puce Eagle    G-II38

                                                                Ambler Pa Druggist

                                                           Rare "Catty"    Medicine


                                              The "privy Well"  A 25 foot outhouse produced all of these vessels.
                                          Read about it here https://www.19thcenturybottlediggers.com/apps/blog/

                                         Scroll cologne 1850

                             Historical sheaf of wheat & grapes

                          "The cobalt hole" all dug in one privy!

                               Big stone lined privy 2021 . Two rare sodas dug!